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Grindsmiths Launch Bespoke Coffee Ordering App

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The Dept Of Digital is a Manchester based food tech’ business. Their mission is to give every UK independent restaurant a branded food ordering app almost for free.

Food ordering & delivery is big business. Consumers order over £8bn worth of food each year, mostly using apps. To tap into this growing market takeaways have listed their businesses with food portals who charge increasing commissions for their services.

Dept Of Digital is a low-cost mobile app that can be configured quickly and easily for any kind of food business. After being set up, companies can take orders direct from their customers without having to pay up to 30% commission charged by similar food portals.

As Dept Of Digital founder Kyriacos Karsa explained:

We think paying 20-30% commission is too much. As much as 20% of the £8bn market is paid as commission to mainstream food portals. Dept Of Digital offers the same benefits, but for a much more business-friendly commission from just 1%. Our unique app is cost-effective, we’ve invented a process to lower the cost of development yet pack our solution full of innovative features to boost sales. It’s perfect for takeaways, coffeeshops and restaurants who want all the advantages of a branded app while increasing profits too

To perfect the system, the Dept Of Digital team piloted the app with some of Manchester’s best-known coffee and food brands. One of which was coffee chain, Grindsmiths. Owning Director Peter Gibson says:

Getting an App from Dept Of Digital has been an important decision for the business. We've seen strong adoption across all our stores, most importantly our customers enjoy using it. We focused on the loyalty points and that has helped us build a better relationship with our customers. It's improved our service efficiency which means a better service to customers and a higher sales total. Service from the Dept Of Digital team is always first class. Highly Recommended.

Aroma Sandwich & Coffee CEO Andreas Theophanous, who runs a chain of coffee and sandwich bars and an office food delivery service in south Manchester and Macclesfield, said:

My customers appreciate being able to order their lunch from their desk. They can then pick up their food without fuss from our shop, or have their sandwich dropped off at the office. It makes the whole process hassle-free. We love it.

Take-up for the app has been strong and it is currently rolling out to a range of food businesses. These include an NHS hospital and an iconic fashion brand who have recently signed up to streamline their food ordering service.

Dept Of Digital are now focusing on taking their innovative business model to new clients UK-wide.


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