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Spot On Footie Food

It may be a year late, and the socially distanced crowds may not be huge, but we can be in no doubt, Euro 2020 has finally kicked off. And boy, do we need something celebratory to give us all a much-needed boost amidst the turmoil we're still experiencing.

It doesn't matter that there isn't the usual host country where footie fans can flock in colourful droves to revel in the bars and streets surrounding the stadia. It's happening, and that's what's important.

For home-based football fans, none of this matters. All they need is a big telly, the company of a few mates and family and a brace of cold beers.

Add the convenience of a few taps into a food ordering app, and the stage is set. Everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy the game safe in the knowledge that there's a feast of delicious food on the way that makes for a perfect celebration of the beautiful game.

So what are some of the best ideas for takeaway owners who want to enthuse footie fans as the on-pitch dramas play out? The key here is giving your offer a football theme and making it as quick and straightforward as possible to make an order. Do all you can to encourage soccer fans to use your branded app and not waste a second before they get back to the action.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got your Euro 2020 mojo together yet, there’s still plenty of time to create your plan. To help you out here's a hat-trick of the D of D team's ideas to get you going through the qualifiers right to the final whistle.

A Team O' Pizzas

Maybe put together a bespoke bundle aligned to the number of guests from three to a Covid-compliant six. A six-fan order might be several large pizzas in a range of favourite toppings, some cheesy garlic bread, a couple of sides and a large bottle of fizzy drink.

It might be fun if you can theme your pizzas to the teams in play. Get this right, and there'll be an extra cheer for your delivery staff when they knock on the door.

A Match Day Banquet

The ever-popular banquet format is the simplest way for soccer fans to order a fantastic Chinese/Indian/Thai feast in double-quick time. Keep the options full of classic dishes that everyone loves and ensure they cater to every scenario in terms of numbers (possibly up to six under current Covid guidelines).

If you can stay on topic, such as naming your banquets Group A, Group B, and so on, that's sure to add some footie-themed fun. Be generous with the extras and maybe offer a discount for household re-orders during the tournament. That way you'll soon be well on the way to meeting your business goals during 'Euro 2020'.

Kick-Off With A Kebab Or Burger

Everyone loves a kebab or burger, especially footie fans who might enjoy one on a traditional match day. Why not offer a series of home delivery bundles on your branded app, such as a buy-three-get-one-free offer or similar. Make it easy for people to customise their food by supplying the sauces and condiments separately.

These small changes will make the ordering process quick and easy. Don't forget to chuck in a generous supply of fries, and you'll be onto a winner.

Make Your Takeaway Match Ready And Reap The Rewards

With a comprehensive summer of sport ahead, it's an ideal opportunity to conjure up some creative online and offline marketing campaigns. Let's create compelling ideas that guide clients to your branded food ordering app who are eager for quick and delicious food deliveries. That way, you'll help your customers enjoy the up-and-coming sporting dramas and keep them firmly on the edge of the sofa.

Let the D of D team help you to develop and deliver your winning marketing strategy during this year's sporting extravaganzas. With our help, you'll make all the winning moves to grow your business, gain more clients and make more money.

Call our team today on 0161 222 7672 or visit to find out more.


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