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The Scary Commissions Food Portals Charge

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

So, the clocks went back at the weekend, and it's now officially autumn. The days will get shorter, the weather progressively worse and our already Covid-shattered moods will darken further. It's all rather depressing.

Sorry to mention it!

But it's not all doom and gloom. Maybe, just maybe, it's an opportune time to be a takeaway owner.

At this time of year, and especially now, people crave comfort - something to cheer them up in the face of the cold, the rain and the daily bad news. What better way to bolster the spirits of a world-weary family than making a few clicks on a food ordering app and getting some delicious hot grub brought to their door— all while sheltering from the foul weather (and the virus).

We may all be living in an ongoing nightmare in 2020, but for a creative takeaway business, it could be an opportunity to spread a little much-needed joy.

The Fly In The Ointment

But like many things at this ghostly time of year, there's always something lurking around the corner to set pulses racing.

For takeaway owners, it's the scary commissions you'll pay to mainstream food portals to grab some of that surging seasonal business.

And while the orders may flood in like blood from the Overlook Hotel's elevator if you're using a mainstream food app, it can cost between 14 - 40% in commission for every order you accept.

Food Portal Commissions Can Be Up to A Ghastly 35% Plus 50p Per Order!

Whatever way you look at it that's crazy for any business, let alone a hard working takeaway trying to make ends meet in the midst of a pandemic.

Sometimes these scary commission rates make takeaway owners act rashly. You become an impulsive Mr Hyde rather than a steadfast Dr Jekyll. You put up prices to maintain margins. Maybe you'll look for cheaper ingredients or reduce portion sizes?

All are actions that will put off hungry punters and make you look uncompetitive.

And that's assuming you actually get the business. Don't forget the food portals list you alongside all your competitors and all while promoting their brand, not yours.

It's a horror show make no mistake.

Step Into The Light

Happily, there is an antidote to these poisonous practices. Like any decent scary movie, the good guys will always defeat the monsters and at Dept Of Digital, we're on your side.

We want to offer you a sanctuary from the monstrous commissions you're paying.

With our tech' know-how, we'll build you a branded mobile app and show you how to maximise the benefits. We'll share proven ways to overhaul your marketing, generate higher profits and drive customer trust and loyalty.

In today’s climate customers are more willing to support and order directly from local businesses. And that’s not just us saying so, it’s the data.

Once launched, our client takeaways soon achieve larger basket sizes, seeing them increase to an average of £22 per order compared to an average of £18 with a popular food portal.

Clients also return more frequently. This is because unlike the portals, we can offer your customers a unique, loyalty system for FREE within the app. Our loyalty system is the reason customers will order from you more frequently than ever before.

It doesn’t stop there, our system includes easy payment options such as Apple Pay and one of the slickest, state of the art ordering experiences you can offer your customers.

And we can do all this with NO COMMISSION to pay, NO SETUP COSTS, NO HIDDEN CHARGES and NO FIXED MONTHLY FEES! Incredible yes, on your side, absolutely.

Now is the perfect time to turn from the dark side and revolutionise your business. It may be gloomy outside, but by working with us, you'll be able to step into the light and find a brighter future. One in which you're in control, not a ravenous corporate beast that's only interested in profiting from your customers and draining the life from your business with their sky-high commissions.

Email and let us help you exorcise these bloodsuckers from your takeaway business once and for all.


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