Simple Pricing - Its FREE

We keep things simple.  No monthly fees, no setup fees, no hidden fees.


Full Bespoke Ordering System

  • Exclusive Apple + Android app for your business

  • Custom website

  • All pre loaded with your menu

  • Ready to take orders

  • Drive order traffic from Google, Facebook, Instagram and more

"Since getting our app our orders have grown by 27% and we keep getting orders from it"

Michael Solomon

Sols Takeaway - Gatley

Everything You Need

Bespoke App + Website


(inc Social Media Posts)

Dedicated Support


Facebook, Instagram and Google Marketing Integration

Pre Orders + Slots

Integrated Payments

Delivery, Collection & Table Service

QR Code Ordering

Loyalty System

Auto Order Printing

Customer Management

Change Waiting Times

Some Things You Don't Need

No Contract Tie Ups

No Monthly Fees

No  Nonsense


Q: Right, lets cut to the chase, is it really free?

A: Yes, we don't charge you to use the system.

Q: Don't beleive you, you must charge us a commission, or monthly fee, what are those?

A: No commissions, No monthly fees.

Q: Right, so is there a setup fee?

A: Nope

Q: A long term contract then, or hidden fees?

A: Sorry we don't believe in either of those

Q: So what then? You must make money somehow?

A: When one of your customers places an order, a nominal fee is paid to the credit card processor - it is the same for any credit card purchase. We receive a small element of this fee which we use to continually invest and upgrade the system. Its a great incentive for us to work with you to help you get more orders. Win Win.

Q: Why does everyone else charge commissions or monthly fees, how come you don't need to?

A: Most companies in this space are able to collect fees in the way we do, but in most cases it's not enough for them because they have debts or greedy investors to repay. That usually forces prices up.

In addition, we didn't rush our system to market, as a result its built incredibly well with the latest modern tech.

So with no debts, no greedy investors, and a cost effective platform, we can keep our fees down. Permanently.