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A Massive Sporting Weekend

Weekends don't come any bigger. Rarely have we had such an extravaganza of sporting excitement that’s also a superb opportunity for food and drink businesses. So let's lay it all out and see the absolute enormity of what's coming up.

Firstly, there are the two tasty singles finals at Wimbledon. First timer Aussie Ash Barty will meet an on-form Karolina Pliskova in Saturday's women's final. I bet we'll be supporting the Oz underdog because, well, we're British.

Then, in the men's final on Sunday, we have the ever-present Novac Djokovic playing 25 year old Matteo Berrettini, the first Italian to reach the final since 1976. Another underdog to cheer for.

And that's not to mention the host of other finals in the doubles and mixed doubles for those who are dotty about tennis of any format.

Then, maybe you'll know this, there's another team playing in a final for the first time in ages. A heroic team called England will face off against Italy in the Euro 2020 football final on Sunday night. Our hearts are beating fast just thinking about that.

Did we say weekends don't come any more mahoosive? Too right! How will sports fans find time to eat? That's where takeaways with a branded app will come into their own.

And a little preparation will work wonders for your performance.

Hit Your Social Media

Get your social media into top form now! Start engaging on all your platforms, offering ways for sports fans to get their food delivered while not missing a second of the action.

Ensure you fire up your Facebook marketing as that's the most likely to get hits, plus adding some supportive comments on Twitter if you're a tweeter. Keep your content on message and ensure it's consistent across all platforms, so you're covering all bases and getting your marketing into every possible corner of the web.

Customers Love-All Takeaway Offers

Make unbeatable offers that are simple to order. Enthralled customers will know that their food will be there faster than a Djokovic serve. All that's needed is a few taps into your branded app.

Use freebies and come-and-get-me bonuses to drive traffic. Maybe give double loyalty points on in-match orders or some free extras to stand out from the competition. Perhaps offer loyalty point bonuses if, for example, a home team wins a massive tournament.

You can be sure everyone 'coming home’ from the pub after and England win will definitely want celebratory food brought to their door.

Top Of The Table

It's an accepted ritual in the UK that fans will flock to watch significant sporting events in the pub. It's as traditional as the ravens at the Tower of London. And, for those hostelries with their own branded app, it's a clear open goal ready to slot in a match-winner.

Punters can order their first round to be sat glistening on the bar before they arrive for the match. Then, sports fans can table order more drinks, snacks and meals for serving staff to deliver without them needing to tear away from the action. That’s what they might call an ace service at Wimbledon.

And, hey, you might want to offer a 'Champagne Special' if things go particularly well!

Need Some Winning Marketing Ideas?

There's still time to get some great marketing out and about to help fans get the most out of this fantastic weekend of sport.

With our marketing coaching, some simple but effective promotions, and the advanced features we've built into our branded app, you'll soon have some tempting offers out there to support ravenous, adrenaline-filled sports fans.

Unlike other food ordering platforms, we're committed to your success, so call our team today on 0161 222 7672 or visit to find out more.


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